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Wills and Estate Planning

 Wills and estate planning pose particular challenges with the diverse population of the expatriate community in the GCC. There is a growing demand for legal advice in regards to estate planning and will drafting in the UAE. At HMLC, we offer our clients options to ensure their assets and wealth are protected. Our team has experience with Foreign and Shariah Law with respect to inheritance, succession laws, real estate and tax.

We ensure that our client's local and international assets are distributed to their loved ones as they requested. Depending on their nationality, religion and the location of the assets we are able to create a trust, foundation or an offshore company to guarantee the rightful distribution of assets.

Our Services

• Advise on Shariah and Foreign Inheritance Law

• Drafting wills - in compliance with Shariah and Foreign Law

• Estate planning

Family Law

With the increasing number of expatriates residing in the UAE and GCC, there has been a growing need for lawyers who can execute separation agreements, custody conditions and obtain divorce judgments.
Helene Mathieu Legal Consultants handles all family law and non-contested separation agreements and divorce matters for expatriates living abroad.

We advise our clients on their legal rights and help them reach informed decisions regarding the best course of action to be adopted. In the event that negotiation is required, we protect our clients' rights to ensure the most beneficial outcome.

We specialize in:
• Child and Spousal Support.
• Custody Matters.
• Marriage Agreements (Pre-nuptial Agreements).
• Matters arising from Common Law Relationships.
• Mediation Sessions
• Property Division
• Representation in Court with our Local Partner.
• Separation Agreements and Divorce.
• Settlement Negotiations.

Real Estate Law

The real estate practice is one of BJC’s core legal specialties. BJC Legal has acquired an unrivalled experience in the field of real estate thanks to its geographical reach in the Italian, British and U.A.E. markets, with established contacts in government bodies allowing for a faster and streamlined service. The capability of BJC’s lawyers to handle every aspect of commercial real estate, residential, industrial, leasing transactions and agribusiness projects stems from their extensive industry experience and creative solutions in offering practical advice and efficiency to clients’ needs.

As the international real estate market continues to evolve, BJC Legal engages a multi-disciplinary approach to its clients’ needs. Against potentially unstable and uncertain market conditions, clients achieve their cross border real estate initiatives with BJC’s market-leading real estate practice with clear and technical advice across the real estate sector.

BJC Legal provides comprehensive support to clients looking to enter the elaborate real estate sector and prides itself on its ability to provide invaluable assistance to its clients in both the investment and management arenas of the real estate market.

BJC’s breadth of expertise includes consulting on sale and purchase of land, conveyancing, property due diligence and management of commercial and residential properties, landlord and tenant disputes and lease renewals.

BJC Legal provides an efficient real estate team, selected by a partner to arrange compatibility with the skillset of the team and the particular transaction that the client requires. This approach ensures the client is provided with seamless technical legal advice and commercially sound solutions.